Grieving Child Warnings Signs


Indications That a Grieving Child May Need Help



Faces of Children’s Grief – There is no one way to grieve


Red Flags – Signs that a grieving child needs immediate help

Some behaviors in grieving children are red flags, or emergencies.  Immediate help is needed if your child is:

Hurting one’s self or someone else includes:

It is important to remember that some of these warning signs are normal and will resolve themselves, however, if the intensity is interfering with daily functioning your child needs intervention.


Yellow Flags – Signs that a grieving child might need more support

A yellow flag is just like a yellow light: it means caution.  Help may be needed if your child:


How Do I Get More Help For A Grieving Child?

There are professionals who can help, including counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers.  Health care providers or counselors may be able to refer you to professionals who specialize in childhood bereavement.  Often the best referrals are from families who have benefited from bereavement counseling.


What to look for in a Bereavement Professional


Any professional who tells or encourages a child to “get over the death” or “grow up” is unlikely to help your child.